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PROBLEM: Up to 40% of managers underperform when changing roles.

PROBLEM: You’re On Your Own (YOYO)! About 70% of managers get no help when changing roles.

PROBLEM: Organisations don’t get the benefit they should from the fresh energy managers invest when they change roles.

New manager

Best Practice solves the problem.
ELLA is Best Practice.

Success for the cost of a mobile phone!

A manager failing in a new role has a direct cost of about 2 years salary.

The cost of the team not achieving it’s targets, bad decisions, lost sales, unhappy colleagues etc. is much higher.

With ELLA you can drastically cut the failure rate for the cost of a mobile phone.

The value proposition is a no-brainer.

Changing roles is risky!

Take a look at a video about the risks managers face when they change roles.

Take the test that shows what risks you face when you change roles in a real or fictional example.